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Reason for being

English Training for Advertising & Business was established in 1990 to train participants from industry, marketing, and advertising agencies. Due to my experience in advertising I am aware of exactly what the participants need to satisfactorily fulfil their demanding jobs.

My offer

I offer classes, group training, individual coaching as well as seminars for all levels.

Reason why

Advertising/marketing nowadays requires top performance all the time at all hierarchy levels. Living up to expectations is just not good enough anymore. Most of all: It's not only about the language, success is about cross-culture.

Target group

  • Marketing oriented industry
  • Advertising agencies
  • Service industry

Participants who require to communicate in English to successfully conduct business with English-speaking business partners.


The idea is training by doing, building confidence and having fun experiencing success. Participants will develop their skills and perform in English as they would in their own language. They will deliver information with maximum impact, turning communication into their very own success story.